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web & mobile strategy

Every organization needs a web & mobile strategy to ensure that all resources are invested and oriented to drive the organization toward its goals. A lack of such strategy is the same as shooting at all directions in an attempt to hit the target. As technological thought leaders, we are not only providing our clients with a technological superiority, but also dedicating ourselves to help them formulating a clear and concise web & mobile strategy to achieve their business objectives.

Web & Mobile Strategy
Corporate Consulting
Through our unique consulting services we are helping our clients to avoid low contribution web & mobile adventures, and providing them with our vast knowledge and expertise in order to formulate a clear web & mobile strategy, based on cost-benefit considerations and business objectives.

Other than Globalbit’s advanced development capabilities, we offer state-of-the-art analytical and methodological thought process capabilities that cover all of the client’s needs, objectives and optimal paths for technological development – all decoded into one smart and comprehensive strategy.


Our consulting services are guided by a single dedicated goal to develop superior web & mobile solutions with maximum impact on the client’s business performance and business activity:

  • Client’s business-technology needs and objectives analysis
  • Management attention, development budget and operational cost-benefit analysis
  • Strategic web & mobile investment planning
  • Technological roadmap formulation in orientation with the client’s growth objectives
Startup and entrepreneurial consulting
With an impressive record of dozens of successful software solutions for startup companies and entrepreneurs worldwide, we offer unique consulting services specifically adjusted to the challenges, constrains and unique innovation needs of startup companies and entrepreneurs, and we provide them based on continuous cooperation and mutual engagement around the client’s vision and objectives.

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