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Developing a breakthrough Android app for real time Infantry tactical training management. The app should fit the harsh conditions of field training, to maintain its full functionality under various weather and light conditions, to be simple and very easy to use and to provide commanders with all the required capabilities to supervise, communicate and investigate the training session vis-à-vis the soldiers in the field.


The development process was launched by researching the commanders and soldiers’ needs, and by identifying the supervision, communication and investigation processes of a classic military training session. We then focused on developing the unique components required for training session management by video, images, notes and voice commands on top of recording and documentation capabilities for post-training investigation purposes.

delivery & results

The app is an innovation award winner of the Military Simulation and Training Magazine The app was chosen by the Peruvian army as the operative tool for its Infantry tactical training sessions The project was launched within the predefined timeframes, while meeting all KPI’s
Bagira systems LTD
"For our surprise, it didn't take long for Globalbit to grasp and master the complex domain of military training and to professionally and thoroughly implement it into a very effective app that can really change the tactical training territory.
Globalbit is one of a kind and we felt it from the start. Their professional conduct, the prestigious award and the Peruvian army contract we won completely removed all doubts"

VP of Marketing Oren Sheinfeld



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