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Ma’ariv newspaper approached us with a request to build an app that will restore Ma’ariv’s glorious days as the leading newspaper, and to do that with a small team of reporters, limited marketing budgets and the fierce competition among news apps in Appstore and Google Play.


We approached this project with a mindset of a startup, trying to identify the users’ real and unresolved needs. At first, it seemed like there’s no such need and that the current apps meet all the needs of the typical Israeli news user, but the app stores’ ratings and reviews of these apps told a totally different story of captivated and unsatisfied users. Accordingly, we focused on building an app that both specifically and comprehensively meets all user needs, while accommodating the business challenges of maximizing Time-on-Page, virality and ad clicks.

delivery & results

High app stores ratings 150% higher Time-on-Page above the market The best app for news reading and watching 50,000 users virally in just a couple of months The app set new standards for Israeli news apps – Maariv competitors used many of implemented UX solutions in their apps
"Working with Globalbit, we discovered a thoughtful company that carries out its mission responsibly, dedicatedly and in the highest professional standards that suits a leading national newspaper like Ma'ariv. Surely, Globalbit can contribute to the success of any business or venture, and all is left is to warmly endorse it."

Henry Richter Marketing Manager



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