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The startup company Moneytime, first approached us with a preliminary idea in hand. The request was simple: to create a smart delivery platform that connects end users, retailers and couriers, and allows them to perform shipments and payments through one integrative system. Back then the whole idea was defined by the young entrepreneurs in the following manner: Take Uber, Wix, Shopify and Deliveroo, add real-time order and payment tracking and wrap it all together with an high-end logistics system to get Moneytime.


The development process began by creating specifications for users, processes and interfaces, and developing a back-end platform that supports payments, orders and all other activity components with smart reporting capabilities. In order to launch Moneytime’s activity, we built 3 different apps for end users, retailers and couriers, 2 websites and a complex logistics system, based on advance architecture that supports millions of users and operates a smart engine for money-transfer between all users in a safe, performant and easy-to-use manner.

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Moneytime is the most promising startup in France for 2017 The complex platform built by Globalbit successfully serves Moneytime, and assists the young and innovative company in accomplishing its objectives
"We've reached out to Globalbit with a big vision and a big request to build us an end-to-end platform for a complex online delivery operation. To our surprise, Globalbit took it in both hands and in an impressive and professional manner, created a wide platform of 3 apps, 2 websites and one logistics system that fully serves us to date. As the most promising startup in Frabce for 2017, we are glad to have Globalbit as our partner for success."

Haim Berkovits CEO & FOUNDER



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