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With a crude idea to revolutionize the public transportation and do to commuters what Waze did to drivers, Moovit approached us with a request to specify, design and develop a crowd-wisdom based app that lets users reach their destination in the shortest and fastest way possible. The app should integrate accurate and up-to-date schedules, users’ data, stations and travelling sections from all carriers and all transportation types, to create a friendly, intuitive and super accurate app, that also works underground independently of Internet or GPS access.


The project was started with a full research of the public transportation arena, defining transportation clusters by geography, transportation type, routes and usage patterns while fostering new methodologies for real-time data synchronization vis-à-vis all carriers and users. A complex architecture based on data received by both users and carriers was built to create a complete picture of the public transportation across half the globe (to date), and make it available to users through an inviting and advanced UI/UX.

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Moovit is a revolutionary app that changed the public transportation arena worldwide First Beta version was launched after 3 months, followed by $3.5M in funds raised by Moovit A year after launching its operations, Moovit is the most popular and the most important public transportation app worldwide, winning every possible prize, including #1 app in 20 countries, ranked by Google Today, with a total of $90M funds raised, Moovit is a 1 Billion Dollar app used by 70 Million active users around the world
"We hired Globalbit to support the development of our first iPhone version, and we made a long way since. They always provided us with the necessary assistance in a professional, reliable and thoughtful manner. Even when we grew bigger, we kept a Globalbit development person in our ranks in order to support our growing development team.
Working with subcontractors requires a lot of trust and responsibility – with Globalbit we had a great experience of cooperation with highly professional and dedicated people."

Nir Erez Moovit CEO


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