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Pfizer, the global pharmaceutical giant approached us with a request to develop fun and interactive tracking app targeting children suffering GHD (Growth Hormone deficiency) and their parents. These kids are required to perform Growth Hormone injections on a daily basis and in various body parts. The app should serve the parents as a guide and reminder for the injection routine, report pediatricians on the time and body parts in which injections were performed and make the whole unpleasant experience, much more fun and pleasant for the children. The main objective for the project was to position Pfizer as a breakthrough company in the eHealth arena.


Based on our vast experience creating apps for children and our rich knowledge in the eHealth and the medical arenas, we gave special attention to the triad parents-pediatricians-children, and to the medical procedures within their responsibility. At the same time an interactive concept supported by an advanced and friendly UI/UX was developed to provide users with all the information, notification and tracking capabilities required to effectively conduct the injections routine. This concept also provides pediatricians with a tracking window to support remote supervision and includes unique elements that constitute a fun usage environment for both the children and their parents.

delivery & results

iGrow is a Pfizer’s award winner for “The most innovative project” iGrow app helps myriad of children around the world, coping with their GHD condition in a fun and innovative manner The app assists thousands of parents with safely and orderly conducting the injections routine, and enable pediatricians to effectively and remotely oversee the treatment
"One of the rare apps that provides a real and longstanding value for both parents and children suffering from GHD. Now our child agrees to receive injections and then we spend quality time together playing with the app.
Thank you Pfizer!"



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