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complex web platforms development

We develop complex web sites and platforms that turn complicated ideas and concepts into intuitive and easy-to-use applications. With our talented team of Information Systems, Algorithms and Software Engineering experts, we build big web solutions that achieve big objectives and bring big results for our clients.

Complex Web Platforms Development

What is Web Platforms Development?

The complexity of a web platform is defined by a wide set of parameters with the followings at the top of the list:

  • Amount of data received, stored and processed
  • Amount of users and scope of usage
  • Number and type of system building blocks
  • Complexity of the required data processing
  • Variety of coding methods and languages
  • Code amount and efficiency
  • Scope and intensity of security challenges
  • Performance, Stability and Scalability
Web platforms are designed to solve big and complex problems that require complex solutions. In many cases it is a multidisciplinary process that combines capabilities from a wide range of knowledge domains such as algorithms, databases, third party and information systems interface, users management, resources management, data communication and security among others.

Our development team utilizes advanced methodologies of complex web platform development, including the followings:

  • Full scale analysis and consideration of all client’s needs and preferences
  • Full scale analysis and planning of the designated platform’s processes, products and objectives
  • A full set of expertise spanning all knowledge domains of complex web platform development
  • Gradual development by modules and smart integration of all platform’s components
  • Testing and run-up until full and stable platform operation over time

Case Study – Moneytime

For moneytime, the most promising delivery startup in France, we built a delivery platform comprised of 3 apps, 2 websites and one complex logistics system, based on an advanced architecture that seamlessly connects millions of end users, retailers and couriers and allows real time delivery, payments and data exchange.>

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