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We are specializing in development of E-commerce platforms that people love to buy in. Utilizing both innovative E-commerce technological principals and psychological principals from the consumerism arena, we create solutions that lift our clients to the top of the market in record times.

E-commerce & Retail

E-commerce Platforms – Key Success Factors

Understanding the platform’s objectives, spotting its key success factors and technologically implementing both, are the main building blocks of a successful E-commerce platform development. Traffic, market buzz and Time-on-Page are all important, but the main thing is sales, or the number of products sold in any given timeframe.

Throughout the development process of E-commerce platforms, we utilize Internet, design and content technologies in order to create a psychological setting that not only offers an enjoyable and convenient usage experience, but also

constructs a set of 3 key feelings that drive to action:

  • A sense of trust in the product, the platform and the authority behind them
  • A sense of urgency to buy
  • A sense of control, know-how and ease of decision making and buying

How do we build Successful E-commerce Platforms?

We implement advanced technological and psychological tools in order to create an easy, fast and intuitive buying process, we help and motivate users to share their experience and we provide them with a fully supportive environment across the selling process: Pre-sale, Sale, Post-sale, Cross-Sale, Up-sale.

Throughout the development process, we utilize a variety of advanced technologies spanning design, UI/ UX, databases, user, products and processes management, information and third party systems regarding payments, promotion, sales, suppliers and inventory, sales funnels flow and more.

Case Study – Espresso Club

For the leading Israeli coffee provider, Espresso Club, we created a one-click coffee order website and a mobile app. The platform provides full coffee product details, induces a luxurious and traditional tone and provides the optimal buying and payment process for new, occasional, regular and return customers.

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