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With some of the pioneers in the dynamic and evolving community of the 'Internet of Things' (IoT), our development team in Globalbit, equipped with cutting edge technologies and know-how, is ready and set to turn your revolutionary ideas into smart applications that defy all that we thought was possible – The 'Apps of Things' (AoT). We know not only how to build the most advanced AoT solutions of today, but also to develop the AoT apps of tomorrow.

IoT&AoT Development

What is IoT & AoT Development?

An app that turns a production machine, a digital PoS, a traffic light, a cash register or any other electronic object into smart devices that can be fully controlled from a single digital interface – This is the great promise of the Internet of Things, and this is the right time for you to jump in with an innovative app that will change the world – your world and your customers’ world.

With Globalbit’s development team that counts some of the pioneers in the global IoT community, we hold all the platforms, tools and know-how necessary to develop smart solutions in the new sphere of the Apps of Things – solutions that turn physical objects into smart devices, and open a whole new world of opportunities to promote your business activity and to enrich your value proposition to your customers.

It doesn’t matter how innovative and rebellious your idea is, and it doesn’t matter if you are still looking for such an idea for your business – Globalbit’s development team is here to facilitate the concept formulation and software solution development that will take your business to the next generation, and will allow you to provide your target market with an attractive, competitive and unique offering in the exciting new world of the Internet of Things.

Case Study – Tuttnauer

For Tuttnauer, a leading medical hygiene and medical devices manufacturer, we built a smart app that allows the user to simultaneously connect and control several disinfection systems and devices with the ability to receive data and create preprogrammed action plans, utilizing a simple interface and a WiFi/ Bluetooth connection.

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