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mobile cross-platform development

We design and develop smart and versatile hybrid apps that users love and appreciate. With the full support of our development team, we not only develop an app, but a whole web-native solution that provides an intuitive and flexible response to both the user needs and the client goals.

Mobile Cross-platform Development

What is Hybrid Development?

The Hybrid app is an app that is primarily built for the Web environment, mainly with HTML5 and JavaScript, and then wrapped into a native container that provides it with access to the specific native platform’s features.

The hybrid development is generally faster and easier than native development, it is easier-to-adapt for different platforms and it provides access to both the platform’s and the web’s powerful resources. The hybrid development requires high development skills to ensure seamless and intuitive user experience, and we in Globalbit offer special expertise in 2 main development methods:

React Native

An Hybrid development framework first developed by Facebook and is considered as the future of the app development arena. Allows the development of a single app that can run on all platform types (iOS, Android, Web and more).


An Hybrid development framework from Adobe. Allows app development utilizing HTML5 and packaging as a native app with access to the device’s full functionality. We, in Globalbit, provide our clients with the full support of our web and native experts, from choosing and planning the hybrid model, through full scale web development and to the full app adaptation into iOS, Android or both platforms.

The Development Process

The development process is performed with maximum client engagement based on the following service components:
  • Expertise in the 2 leading Hybrid development methods: React Native and PhoneGap
  • Full scale Web environment planning – CSS Design, UI, navigation, Databases
  • Web components buildup using DB, CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript among others
  • Native container buildup – Design, programming and UI/ UX
  • Full cooperation and think tank meetings with the development team
  • Testing, run-up and app promotion in the app storesOur Achievements

  • Our Achievements

  • 40 Million app users worldwide
  • Dozens of top ranking serial award winning apps

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