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Following years of designing and developing some of the leading web & mobile solutions in Israel and around the world, we are currently implementing a professional and rigorous approach for the planning, molding and design of a perfect User Experience, and its implementation all across the app's components from the software code to the user interface. The user experience we are pledging for, not only supports the easy and intuitive use for value utilization, but also constitutes a real experience by itself.

UI/UX Design

User Experience Design

UX (User Experience) is the experience of the user while and beyond using the application. Led by our UI/ UX experts, we incorporate unique and innovative UX methodologies across all the development stages, from database and code structure, through data input and processing and up to an easy-to-use and modern user interface design.


Each and every process of UX development in Globalbit, is based on 4 primary building blocks:

  • Objective – The main app’s objective vis-à-vis the user: retention, conversion, exposure, virality, high-usage and more
  • User Persona – The ultimate user’s profile regarding goals, needs and interests
  • Usage Flow – feasible usage flows according to the defined objectives and personas
  • Graphic Design – Smart and up-to-date graphic design that supports an enjoyable and aesthetic user experience

Our unique and successful UX approach ensures our clients the four most important keys for success in the web & mobile arena:

  • High usage
  • High virality/ Word-of-Mouth marketing
  • High app stores user rankings
  • Noticeable improvement to our client’s bottom line

User Interface Design

The User Interface (UI) through which the user experiences the whole app and all of its components, is going through a unique development process in collaboration of our product manager, our marketing and technology experts and our graphic designers.

Throughout this process, we implement the most advanced and up-to-date principles of design, in order to create intuitive, convenient, enjoyable and easy-to-use graphic interfaces, according to the highest standards in the software, mobile and web development arena.

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